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YAG CO2 Fiber laser cutting machine

YAG CO2 Fiber laser cutting machine.

The first type YAG solid laser cutting machine

YAG solid laser cutting machine has the characteristics of low price and good stability. But the energy efficiency is generally <3%. At present, the output power of the products is mostly below 800W. Because the output energy is small.It is mainly for cutting holes and thin plates.

Main advantages.It can cut aluminum plates, copper plates and most non-ferrous metal materials that other laser cutting machines can not cut.

The machine is cheap to purchase, the use of low cost, simple maintenance, most of the key technologies have been mastered by domestic enterprises, parts prices and maintenance .The cost is low, and the operation and maintenance of the machine is simple.And the quality requirements of the workers are not high.

Main disadvantages and disadvantages.It can only cut materials below 8mm, and the cutting efficiency is quite low

Main Market Positioning. cutting below 8mm.

The second type of fiber laser cutting machine

Optical fiber laser cutting machine has fewer fault points, convenient maintenance and fast speed. So the optical fiber cutting machine has great advantages when cutting thin plates up to 4mm. The photoelectric conversion rate of fiber laser is as high as 25%.In terms of electricity consumption, supporting cooling systems, etc. The advantages of fiber lasers are quite obvious.

The main advantages is high photoelectric conversion rate, low power consumption.Like stainless steel plate can be within 12MM. It is the fastest laser cutting machine in these three kinds of machines, slitting small, good spot quality.

The Main Market Positioning. Cutting below 12mm, especially for high-precision machining of thin plates.Mainly for manufacturers with high requirements for accuracy and efficiency. And fiber laser cutting machines will eventually replace CO2 high-power lasers.

The third type of CO2 laser cutting machine

CO2 laser cutting machine can stably cut carbon steel within 20mm, stainless steel within 10mm, and aluminum alloy below 8mm.

The main advantages: large power, general power between 2000-4000W, can cut full-size stainless steel within 25mm, carbon steel and other conventional materials, and within 4mm of aluminum plate and acrylic plate within 60MM, wood material board, PVC board .

Main disadvantages and disadvantages: Most of the machines are expensive, most of them have a price of more than 2 million, and the related maintenance costs such as spare parts and accessories are extremely high. In addition, the operating costs are high in practical use, and the gas consumption during cutting is large.

The main market positioning: 6-25 mm plate cutting process, it is estimated that through the further development of lasers in the future, the final CO2 laser cutting machine will be replaced by a fiber laser cutting machine.

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