The Advantage of XT Laser Fiber Laser Marking Machine-Tulsa

The Advantage of XT Laser Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machine is more and more popular in the market.

1.The advantages of fiber laser marking machine

Firstly, intergrates development and manufacturing in-house

JiNan XinTian Laser Technology is major in manufacture fiber laser marking/cutting/engraving machine from 2004.

We have features high technology capabilities with employs experienced technical and management personnel compares with other company.

Besides our products is already exported to many countries and cooperate with many company in laser area.

Secondly, XT Laser Fiber Laser Marking Machine Quality and quatity assuured

Fiber laser marking machines’s laser sourse has 100000 hours lifetime.

Besides our excellence no consumable, or free maintain.

Even if we will provide whole machine two years quality  warranty for whole marked machine.

Thirdly, variours styles

2.More advantages for fiber laser marking machine

According to different customers request, we offered many kinds machine to customer.

As you know, the fiber laser mark machine include Co2, Mopa and Laser marking machine.

But do you know they divide desktop, portable, Mini , Mini enclosed machine. Customers can choose suitable machine for himslves.

Forthly, professional aftersale service teams of  XT Laser marking machine

XT Laser has professional aftersale service teams standing for 24 hours, 7 days per week, whenever it is.

Used video chatting, remote control and phone calling etc and some other ways to  serve customers.

Try our best to solve every problem for customers. Even engineer are available in customers factory if necessary.

Fifth, Innovation

fiber laser marking machine

We will changed details of  machine to make them work better.

However our products will develope by our engineer according to customer’s feedback every year.

Because we hope that provide better and better service to our customer!

Sixth, comprehensive training

We know many customer is the first time to use that machine, so we can teach you if you need.

As your wish, our machine adjust and use is very easy, whoever you are can learn it fast.


And JiNan XT Laser  located in JiNan ShanDong, the spring city of China.

Besides,we manufacture and develope laser marker and cutter machine for 13 years.

And you know, we have many excellence in laser area. Here’s some advantage of XT Laser fiber laser marking machine.

Please do not hesitate contact us if you interested , JiNan XinTian will always be your partner!

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