XTC-F1530S fiber laser cutting machine-Ivy

XTC-F1530S fiber laser cutting machine

XTC-F1530S fiber laser cutting machine.

1.machine bed

For the S series machine bed, we use tube welding machine bed, the thickness is 6 mm for the tube wall. This design is lighter than plate welding machine bed and cast iron machine bed. Some customers and suppliers prefer the heavy body. They do believe the heavier machine bed will lead the machine become more stable. Actually this is a misunderstanding. In theory, the heavier machine bed will make the machine more stable when the cutting head running, and it won’t shake as well.


But the reality is the S series that was designed for cut thin metal sheet, The laser power won’t go that high. So the tube welding machine bed is enough for that. Also we use the Aluminum profile, which is the most light weight of X axis gantry. Although the tube welding machine is light. But it is enough for thin sheet cutting, and when the gantry also be light, there is not much inertia from the moving gantry(X axis). And the speed and efficiency will get enhance by the light weight of gantry. So it won’t shake when the machine is running. After all, the whole machine weight is around 3000kg.

3.machine weight

Someone said the cast iron bed is better than others. Undeniable, under the traditional crafts, cast iron’s integrity and weight make the machine become very stable. And the iron’s quality is hard to define, if the whole machine use the good iron to cast, like a 1530 machine bed will goes to 5000kg-6000kg, but the most cast iron bed we saw in this market always around 4000kg. The more important is because some factories don’t have a good craft to cast iron bed. Although it rarely happen, but it happens. Sometimes the inside of machine bed has air bubble. Once the air bubble occur in the machine bed, there is chance to make the machine bed break naturally.

Our machine bed’s design theory is seems like auto’s development. Past several years, people like use the thick steel plate as auto body, which means stable and safer. But right now, the Auto’s body change to aluminum. It become more flexible and fast. And we didn’t find it is unstable.