The Primary Products of XT Laser (II laser marking)—Tony

The Primary Products of XT Laser(II)

Laser Marking Machine


The last chapter we talked about three laser marking machine’s difference. Now, we are going to talk about some detail laser marking machine. If you have seen our website or our products of pamphlet. You will see many different laser marking machines.

The model is different. How about the function?  Actually the functions are the same. We made the different model, because base on the customer’s working space and working standard. Some places, in this world, has their own standard for safety. So we put a cover on it.   Some customers want to set the machine on his table, but someone wants to have a desktop. It is all depends on customer’s requirement. Except machines with protective cover, the rest of machines are able to do flying marking.


The different power will change the machine’s efficiency. In theory, the speed of machine marking will increase by enhance of the power. For all kinds of metal, fiber laser marking machine will mark 0.01mm is the maximum depth once time. But if you want deeper or even engrave or cut, the machine will let the light repeat on the materials. Thus the power is higher, the speed of repeat is higher as well. If you look at the machine’s appearance, you can not figure out the power. Because the only change is the laser source. However, we put the laser source in the machine body. You have to open it and see the difference.

Working Area

We provide three kinds of workbench size now, 100*100mm, 200*200mm,300*300mm. It is depends on how big the material is. For marking effect, those three working area are the same. But, because of the laser is a kind of light, it has focal length. So If you want to engrave or cut something big. I advise you send us your materials to check how is the effect. Because the laser’s power will decrease by length. Or you can choose flying marking to handle this issue. XT Laser will set up the parameter for you. We have a strong team for technique support. And we also have a rotary part, if you need to mark rings.

The next chapter I will provide more knowledge for laser marking machines.