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XT Laser cutting machine consumption

1. Briefly induction

There are two kinds of laser cutting machine consumption when the machine working. Gas consumption and electricity consumption. Today we gonna organize this information.

2. Gas consumption

Gas is a must element in the working process of fiber laser cutting machine. Usually we apply Oxygen, dried air, and nitrogen as auxiliary gas. It can blows the liquid steel, to ensure and fasten the cutting(dried air and oxygen)

* Nitrogen suitable in stainless steel, aluminum, copper cutting(nitrogen must be pure nitrogen)

*Oxygen suitable in carbon steel cutting(Oxygen must be pure oxygen)

* Air suitable in carbon steel and stainless steel sheet cutting. (Air must be processed to be dry and client, so there muse be a air compressor and filtrate oil and moisture and dust)

Why use air to cut carbon steel sheet or stainless steel sheet?

As Nitrogen is expensive in some countries, while some situations the clients won’t high standard cutting edge. Air as auxiliary gas will cause cutting edge oxidized. As the cutting material as well as the thickness differs, the consumption may be different.

Cutting gas consumption:(Gas price maybe different according the market)

  1. Take the wild steel with thickness 1mm as example

Oxygen at 0.7 bottle per hour, cost 14RMB per hour(oxygen bottle with standard of 15.5 Mpa, purity of 99.5%, 20RMB per bottle);

  1. Talk the stainless steel or alloy with thickness 1mm as example

If most of the work is ss or alloy, it is suggested to apply liquid nitrogen(125Kgs per bottle, and 320RMB per bottle, and change very bottle of 12 hours)

3. Electricity consumption 

Another important laser cutting machine consumption is electricity consumption. Example,for the dual work table 1000W laser machine, the theoretical is 18KW, while in working status, the electricity consumption is around 12KW per hour(18KW*70%=12KW)

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