The 2022 Russia METALLOOBRABOTKA was grandly held at the Moscow Central Exhibition Center from 23 to 27 May. XT LASER took a variety of laser cutting machines across the ocean to participate in this laser industry event.

Russia METALLOOBRABOTKA is the largest machine tool industry exhibition in Eastern Europe and an advanced metal processing technology trade show in the global machine tool industry. Since its inception in 1984, it has brought together leading machine tool manufacturers, suppliers and distributors from around the world, and is now ranked among the top ten machine tool trade shows in the world.

Many industry leaders gathered together in the exhibition center to create a feast of high-end intelligent equipment. XT LASER gained a lot from this exhibition trip. The laser cutting machine, laser cleaning machine and other equipment attracted more and more customers to stop and visit for consultation and experience. As a well-known Chinese laser equipment manufacturer in the Russian market, XT LASER has further deepened the exchanges and cooperation with local enterprises.

XT LASER focus on customer needs, provide professional laser industrial solutions, and provide customers with “R&D” + “customized” dual-core engine services. At this exhibition, XT LASER made a high-energy appearance with customized hot-selling products.

W1530 fiber laser cutting machine

XT LASER W series laser cutting machine has high speed, high precision and high stability. It adopts a truss beam-type composite plate welding bed composed of truss beams, truss plates and spacers, with high-strength welding process, high temperature annealing to relieve stress, anti-deformation, low vibration, high cutting accuracy, is the first choice for cutting medium and thick plates.

Fiber laser cleaning machine

XT LASER cleaning machine has stable cleaning effect, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. Non-contact cleaning, does not damage the material surface. It can achieve precise location, precise size selective cleaning, without any chemical cleaning solution, no consumables, safety and environmental protection, and simple operation.

Follow the trend and innovate forward

With the rapid development of scientific and technological revolution, industrial upgrading, and intelligent manufacturing in the world, XT LASER focus on the metal processing industry, aiming at laser cutting category, in-depth insight into market demand, continuously launching subversive black technology and new products, and constantly leading laser technology moving forward and creating greater value for the global metalworking industry.