Why there will be a mist on the lens?-Charry

Why there will be a mist on the lens?

Why there will be a mist on the lens?

Why there will be a mist on the lens?
laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine must have the help of auxiliary gas during processing! Generally, there are three kinds of auxiliary gases that we use the most, namely oxygen and nitrogen as well as air. Of course, the higher the purity of the gas, the better the cutting quality. Air-assisted cutting is the least expensive method where conditions permit. However, there are often water mists on the protective lens during the air-assisted cutting process, which not only has a slow cutting speed but also a poor cutting quality.

Why is there a mist on the lens?

First of all, first give everyone the role of auxiliary gas:

1. In order to blow off the residual waste, achieve the best cutting results.

2. Use the gas to blow away the metal slag while protecting the lens to prevent the slag from sticking to the lens and affect the cutting quality.

3. It can effectively achieve the smooth surface of the cutting surface, the effect of no burr and no dross, which belongs to fine cutting.

4. It can react with materials to increase the cutting speed. For example, oxygen can use to achieve the combustion-supporting effect.

How to solve it?

Therefore, in order to achieve a better cutting effect, the requirements for auxiliary gas are relatively high! Although air can be used as an auxiliary gas, since the air contains a large amount of impurities such as water and oil, if it is not treated, it will cause lens contamination, and the cutting head will be unstable, so that the cutting effect and quality are not up to standard, etc. Seriously, the lens will burst.

Therefore, when using air cutting, it is necessary to equip the fiber laser cutting machine with a dryer, which is a good solution to this problem. The cold dryer can forcibly cool the compressed air below the required dew point temperature, thereby condensing a large amount of water vapor and oil mist contained therein into droplets, which are separated by gas and liquid, and discharged from the machine by the drainer, not only to make the compressed air Dry and clean, so that the fiber laser cutting machine will not show lens condensation during the cutting process.

Of course,if you need control the cost,air is okay.But you need know the effect and speed will be not the best.

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