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Wide application of fiber laser cutting machine

In the sheet metal processing process, punching is one of the important links. And the use of punching technology is the use of fiber laser cutting machines for punching, which can bring users high-precision and high-efficiency material processing, which is currently more popular. Intelligent processing equipment. Fiber laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications. Let us introduce wide application of fiber laser cutting machine.

  • Firstly, application of household appliances and kitchen appliances industry

The manufacture of household appliances and kitchen utensils is mainly made of stainless steel, iron, copper and other materials. And the thickness is relatively thin. When the thickness of the cutting material is small, the fiber laser cutting machine can cut the material faster and better. In addition, the equipment has high dieless cutting accuracy, which improves the output of household appliances such as range hoods and washing machines. However, the traditional cutting process requires more molds due to its fast cutting speed, which wastes time and increases costs.

  • Secondly, application of construction machinery

In the construction machinery industry, the round hole plate is the most common, and the fiber laser cutting machine has a punching function, which can directly determine the position of the hole. The equipment can use laser to cut materials directly, which saves the drilling process and improves production efficiency. However, the premise is that the diameter of the plate hole is greater than or equal to the corresponding minimum diameter. And the roughness and diameter before processing must be within the cutting capacity of the equipment Inside;

  • Thirdly, application of agricultural machinery industry

The traditional agricultural machinery manufacturing still stays in the stamping process mode, which will not only wear more molds. But also keep the products intact, which is not conducive to product updates. The optical fiber laser cutting machine adopts program control and can cut a variety of plates without molds and knives, which is beneficial to the processing and production of agricultural machinery.


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