Why MOPA laser is more suitable for anodized aluminum-Ariel

Why MOPA laser is more suitable for anodized aluminum

We often received our clients’s email.They asked me Why MOPA laser is more suitable for anodized aluminum.Why we choose MOPA laser not other Q-Switched laser on anodized aluminum?

In fact, its pulse width and frequency are the main reasons. MOPA laser and IPG laser are both 1064nm wavelength laser beam.But there is still difference.

MOPA laser source’s pulse width is 2ns-250ns.And its pulse frequency is 1-1000Hz. So MOPA laser is more flexible. Raycus or IPG laser is normal Q-Switched laser source.Its pulse width and frequency are fixed.Its pulth width is 90-130ns.Its repetition frequency is 300-100kHz. So MOPA laser source is more flexible.

So MOPA laser can mark black color on anodized aluminum.Here is the video link for your reference.

The same reason.For marking different color on stainless steel,normal Q-switched laser source can mark color on SS. MOPA fiber laser machine can also make it on stainless steel. MOPA fiber laser is more suitable on marking different colors on SS.

If you only need to mark or deep engrave on metal,choose fiber laser machine.It is a better choice.Its price will be cheaper.Its effect is better.

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