why fiber laser welding so popular-Phoebe

                             why fiber laser welding so popular-Phoebe

Why is fiber laser welding so popular?

the handheld welding machine, it has won praise from many customers

Why The fiber laser welding machine is a kind laser welding device that couples a high-energy laser beam into an optical fiber.

After long-distance transmission, collimates into parallel light through a collimating mirror.

also, It can flexible transmission and non-contact welding for parts, and weld the materials that are difficult to access.

XT fiber laser welding machine has the following advantages:


Speed is fast than the old ways

2.High quality

Smooth and beautiful welding seam, without subsequent grinding, saving time and cost.

3.Low cost

80% to 90% power savings, processing costs are reduced by 30%

4.Flexible operation

Easy operation, no need experience can do a good job.


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