Why chose IPG laser source for fiber laser cutter?-Ivy

Why chose IPG laser source for fiber laser cutter?

This article is about the advantages of Why chose IPG laser source for fiber laser cutter.

When you have a plan to purchase a fiber laser cutting machine,you will send the inquiry to many suppliers. Then you will get many offers form many different suppliers.They will ask you what materials do you need to cut and the thickness of the materials. And you will notice that the quotation list will have four different laser sources-IPG,nLIGHT,MAX and Raycus.

But what’s the difference of them ?How can I choose the suitable laser source.Many clients will have this question.Today we will talk about it.

If you need to cut aluminum, copper or brass ect, we recommend you choose nLIGHT laser source. They have patent in cutting high-reflective materials, so it can protect well the laser source and laser cutting head.

Here are the comparison between IPG, Raycus and Max.

  1. Country: Raycus and MAX are all Chinese brand, while IPG is German brand.
  2. Cutting ability:the same laser power for the same materials, their cutting ability are same.
  3. Raycus:Best brand in China, but the delivery time will be longer because of the virus;
  4. Chinese famous brand, cost-effective.Max is also good , Max is located in Shenzhen, they are yonger than Raycus, but now their market occupation is increasing.Especially, during this virus period,
  5. The advantages of IPG laser source.
  6. 1)High photoelectric conversion rate.It can reach 45%, other brands are only about 25%,so it can save more cost for you;
    2)German brand, good quality, laser power weakened slower than other brand;
    3)High market share, a certain degree of reaction to brand strength and quality;
    4)low failure rate, only 3%;
    5)light power can be seen in real time;
    6)after-sale service spots all over the world, problems can be resloved in time;

Our suggestion:It depends on the client’s budget and cutting demands.If client has enough budget, we recommend to choose IPG.If not, Max will be a better choice.

If you have any other questions,pls feel free to contact us.