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Why choose high-power laser cutter?

Application of laser cutting machine in shipbuilding industry
Why choose high-power laser cutter

Once the high-power  laser cutting machine appeared, it completely broke the market monopoly. We will talk about why choose high-power laser cutter. The application of high-power laser cutting machine can replace traditional processing methods and reduce mold investment, thereby improving processing efficiency and workpiece accuracy, and reducing production costs.

What is the advantages for high-power laser cutter? The advantages are as follows:

  • Firstly, three-dimensional cutter

The high-power three-dimensional laser cutting machine can realize 2D and 3D cutting, and the machine structure can be designed according to ergonomics. Even the difficult surface processing can be simple and completed.

  • What’s more, flexibility

What’s more, the high-power 3D laser cutting machine has flexibility and fast action performance, so it can support multi-angle, multi-directional flexible cutting.

  • high processing accuracy

The high-power 3D laser cutting machine has high processing accuracy. When the high-power 3D laser cutting machine is applied, the auxiliary gas is used, which is conducive to the comprehensive control of the cutting accuracy and the cutting section.

It is precisely because of these advantages of high-power 3D laser cutting machines that they have been widely promoted in the construction machinery, aerospace, military, and construction machinery industries.

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