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10000W laser cutting or plasma for sheet metal cutting?

10000W laser cutting or plasma for sheet metal cutting?

At present, many industries such as heavy industry are discussing and experimenting with the use of 10000w laser cutting to replace plasma cutting, and they have seen the better efficiency, effect and benefit brought by 10000w laser.
First, smaller kerf, saving sheet material
Because the laser beam focuses into a small spot, the laser slit is smaller for the same size plate, and the slit of the plasma cutting machine is slightly larger. Compared with plasma cutting, laser cutting can save 6-9% of material.
Second, non-destructive processing, environmental protection
The laser processing is flexible, and it can process any complex graphics, cut pipes and other profiles. In addition, laser cutting is a non-contact cutting to ensure that the workpiece is without scratch, the cutting edge is without affection of heat, there is basically no thermal deformation of the workpiece, and the processing process is green and pollution-free.
Plasma cutting will cause large or small damage to the workpiece. If there is a problem with the cutting nozzle of the plasma cutting machine during the cutting process, it will cause obvious defects to the plate, and the smoke and dust during the processing will pollute the environment.
Accelerated efficiency and doubled business
The development of new technologies must improve efficiency in order to create more value for users. On the premise of improving the processing quality, the processing efficiency of 10000w fiber laser cutting has also been doubled, allowing end users to complete more business volume in the same time.
Third, reduce costs and cut expenditures and increase benefits
If you want to improve corporate efficiency, you must not only increase revenue and increase revenue, but also know how to reduce costs and reduce expenditure. The 10000w fiber laser cutting can not only greatly improve the processing efficiency, but also greatly reduce the overall processing cost, allowing the terminal sheet metal processing users to reduce costs and generate income.

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