Which is Better: Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Vs CO2 Laser Cutting Machine-Yan

When it comes to manufacturing, your equipment matters as much as your final product. It’s the equipment, after all, that carries the bulk of the manufacturing industry’s purpose, which is to manufacture items of great quality. However, it can be tricky choosing the right equipment for your business. It’s often difficult to discern which ones will work best with the type of materials you use. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks online that you can learn from.

One of the difficult choices manufacturers will have to make at some point or another is choosing the type of laser cutter they’re going to use. Laser cutters are ultimately more efficient than mechanical or manual cutting since they have a cleaner finish and are machine-operated. However, there are several types of laser cutters out there. Two of these include the fiber laser cutter and the C02 laser cutter

What’s the difference?

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Fiber Laser Cutter

A fiber laser cutting machine is a type of machine that uses a fiber cable to channel its light and focus it on a certain surface, whether this be a metal, plastic, rubber, or another surface. A fiber laser cutter is machine-operated, meaning there is no need for human interaction with the machine, just human supervision. This makes it more efficient than other types of machines.

It also doesn’t require mirrors to focus its light and heat on the surface. This means it’s more cost-effective than traditional laser cutting machines. The machine holds the surface in place, avoiding any room for mistakes. It can cut cleanly and create more intricately designed patterns on the surface of the sheet as well.

C02 Laser Cutter

Similar to a fiber laser cutter, a C02 laser cutter is a type of machine that uses laser technology to generate heat and cut through various types of surfaces. There are some differences, however, in their execution. A fiber laser cutter doesn’t require optical mirrors, while a C02 laser cutter will need these to focus its heat on a specific surface. This makes the former item more cost-efficient than the latter.

However, if there is one advantage of the C02 laser cutter over the fiber laser cutter, it’s that it can cut through thicker surfaces in a much more efficient manner. A C02 laser cutter can cut better in clean, straight lines, through more solid surfaces. It’s also faster than a fiber laser cutter when it comes to thicker sheets.

The Verdict

Every material has its pros and cons, and strengths and weaknesses. Manufacturers need to be more discerning not exactly just with the equipment, however, but also of their own needs. It’s your needs as a business that will determine which type of material you’ll be willing to purchase, and for what purpose. A fiber laser cutter, for instance, is more cost-efficient, while a C02 laser cutter may be better for thicker surfaces. Choosing between the two means deciding which of your needs is stronger


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