What’s the difference between Q-switched and MOPA laser source?-Ariel

What’s the difference between Q-switched and MOPA laser source?

What’s the difference between Q-switched and MOPA laser source? We still received a lot of clients’ email about it.So in this article, we will discuss the differences in detail.

First, MOPA laser wavelength also is 1064nm. It is belong to fiber laser, so it is just one series of fiber laser. Fiber laser has 2 types: pulse width fixed, we called it Q-switched laser source.  Pulse width can be adjusted, we called it MOPA laser.

Whatever Raycus laser, IPG laser even Max laser, they all have MOPA series, e.g. we can say Raycus brand MOPA series, IPG brand MOPA series. But it seems in China market when we ask Raycus/IPG laser, buyer and seller all view it as Q-switched laser source. There are 2 reasons:

1. Price matter. 

IPG brand MOPA laser source is quite expensive. So less people choose it. Raycus brand MOPA series also is expensive, besides Raycus mainly sell Q-switched laser source. So we have to admit every company has their featured product.

2. Popularity.

IPG/Raycus/Max laser source Q-switched type are quite common in the market. While MOPA laser sell less compare with Q-switched laser source.

So here is the question: do i need choose Q-switched laser or MOPA laser?

MOPA laser has some obvious advantages:

1. Marking black color on anodized Aluminum, just like Iphone housing.

Here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jco4kEEzn44

For such work, Raycus/IPG cannot mark black color, so you have to choose MOPA laser if you need marking black color on Iphone housing.

2. Marking colors on stainless steel 

Some people told me only MOPA laser can mark colors on SS. It is a mistake. Raycus laser/IPG laser also can mark colors on SS. Just their pulse width is fixed, the parameters are not so easy to get for new beginner.
MOPA laser pulse width can be adjusted, so it is a little easier to get color marking parameters compare with Q-switched laser. But it also need time.

As my opinion, it is not necessary to buy one MOPA laser which only for marking colors on SS. Because marking colors speed is lower, most of seller only use color marking sample for get customer’s attention. But if you have to do such work, then  you choose MOPA laser. The choices are yours.

3.Marking PVC card with more smooth results.

Same as above mentioned, Raycus/IPG/MOPA laser all can do PVC card, just if you use MOPA laser, when your finger touch the results, you may cannot feel the marking outline; but if you touch the results made by Raycus/IPG laser, you may can feel it is indeed existed. (Plastic is a complex material, some content is different, results are different, sometimes you need UV or green laser. Here i cannot promise you fiber laser can mark your PVC card in best results.)

So if your 80% work is in same range as above information, then you choose MOPA laser. Or you choose standard Raycus/IPG laser.
Hope until now, you already got all info. you need and thank you so much to read here with patience.

Regarding to MOPA laser, we use JPT brand China. JPT also has Q-switched laser source, but we use very less, here i don’t comment their Q-switched laser source. But their MOPA series is not bad. We sell a lot, problem feedback is 0 until now. JPT brand MOPA series has M1 and M6.

Difference: M1 pulse width 6-200ns; M6 pulse width 2-200ns.

For sure, M6 price is more expensive than M1. The difference is M6 speed on marking black color on anodized Aluminum more faster, marking colors on SS is more fresher.
You can choose according to your need.

Kind reminder: If you want MOPA laser, pls directly ask MOPA laser for suppliers, do not only mentioned Raycus/IPG/JPT brand, because if you only ask brand, they will quote you Q-switched laser source.

Hope above info. will help you.

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