What’s the composition Fiber Laser cutting machine-Angelina

What’s the composition Fiber Laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in the metal processing field.

Both in sheet metal processing and metal sheet cutting profession.

Many customers want to know what’s the composition of fiber laser cutter when they buy CNC fiber laser cutting system.

What’s the main function of each parts?

XT fiber laser cutting machine will tell you in detail.

1.Main parts of the fiber laser cutting machine

  1. Fiber lasers generator : The fiber laser cutting machine laser generator produce laser beam energy to cutting material power. It is the most important part in fiber laser cutter .The price is relatively expensive.
  1. Cutting head of fiber laser cutter :The CNC fiber laser cutting system cutting heads including mirrors, lens, sensors, nozzles and other parts. The laser beam pass the cutting head and irradiate to the material surface start cutting.
  1. External Ray on fiber CNC laser cutting machine : The external ray help to transfer the laser beam. In order to make the beam path working successfully. The cover protect the mirrors .We must keep the gas clean to protect the lens from contamination.
  1. fiber laser cutting table: x, y, z axis moving on the fiber laser cutter cutting table. The cutting is also in this cutting table. For placing the cutting material, The x, y, z axis moving is correct and accurate according to the control procedures. It is usually driven by a servo motor.
  1. Servo motor on CNC fiber laser cutting system : servo motor can control the cutting speed. The positioning accuracy is accurate .It can transfer the voltage signal to torque and speed in order to control the cutting. The input signal control the speed of servo motor rotor.
  1. Linear Guide on fiber laser cutter : linear guides motion support and guide the moving parts. Friction properties, linear motion guide can be divided into linear motion guide rails of sliding friction, rolling friction guide way, elastic bearings, fluid friction guides, and so on.