What result can you get with 20w fiber laser marking machine?-Max

Before come to our topic of “marking result with 20w fiber laser marking machine”, first let us know how laser marking machine works.

The laser marking is with a laser beam to get permanent marks on a variety of different material surfaces.

The effect of marking is to expose the deep matter by the evaporation of the surface material,

or to “mark” the trace by the chemical and physical reactions of the surface material caused by the laser energy,

or to burn some of the material by laser energy, light to achieve the needed patterns and text.


As mentioned in my last blog “how to choose the right fiber laser machine among 20w,30w,50w and 100w”,

20w is used for marking on material surface on metal(stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, etc) and some nonmetal (pvc, ABS, PC ETC)

Following is the marking samples result and working videos.

black color marking result on ss white color marking result on ss


ABS material marking result:
















Iphone housing marking result:



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