What material laser can’t cut?—-Karina

What material laser can’t cut

What material laser can’t cut? With the advancement of society and the increasing demands of people on the standard of living, the level of requirements for the process is getting higher and higher. And the upgrading of the process is very important.

First of all, we need to clear that the fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the category of metal cutting machine.

So it can only use to process metal. And can not process non-metallic materials, such as stone, cloth, leather and other materials.

The reason is that the wavelength range of the fiber laser cutting machine is no longer within the absorption range of this type of material. Or not suitable for absorption, and not achieve the desired effect.

Secondly, the fiber laser cutting machine can’t cut the MDF. The fiber laser cutting machine is hot-process machine.

The cutting MDF will cause burning, which will burn the cutting edge and fail to meet the cutting requirements.

This type of material is mainly raw materials for fiberboard, wood fiber, and plant fiber, and some materials are making of urea-formaldehyde resin and artificial board made of adhesive.

These types of materials are in the category of MDF and are currently not processable with fiber laser cutting machines.

To sum up

Especially in some industries, laser cutting equipment is using for processing widely.

After the materials have received a good return, in some industries where laser cutting machines are not in contact. They have begun to contact laser companies for cooperation.

However, laser cutting machines are not omnipotent. And they are also limit for some materials.

At present, the fiber laser cutting machine equipment on the market is mainly for the cutting of thin plates.

The advantage of cutting thin plates below 16 mm is very obvious, and the efficiency when cutting thick plates is relatively low, which is limit for the power of the fiber laser.