What is the suitable fiber laser marker?-Angelina

What is the suitable fiber laser marker?

Nowadays, more and more fiber laser marker appear in the market.

To meet with the different requirements of different customer, the supplier designed more and more model.

Then in this passage we would like to take the enclosed type marking machine for example.

And different with some Asian  customers, the European customer prefer the enclosed type machine.

The customers from those area, such as Australia,Germany, have high requirement on the security.

Under this situation, the supplier designed the enclosed fiber laser marker.

fiber laser marking machine

Actually this type machine is popular in the European market.

First if all, it is beautiful in appearance.

Secondly, it could protect the customer from the radiation.

However, this type machine could only be installed with the max 200*200mm lens.

It is cannot install with the 300*300 mm lens.

Therefore, if the customer has big size products for marking, this type fiber laser marker is not a good choice.

In this situation, our XT designed a new type machine which could be installed the 300*300mm lens.

This type machine is also enclosed type fiber laser marking machine, but bigger in size.

fiber laser marking machine

For this type machine, it is our new design.

It is popular in the market, most of our customers like it very much.

We sold one on site.

For this model, to make sure the best marking outcome, it is better that the thickness of products do not exceed 50mm.

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