What is the common laser cutting technology? -Juicy

In recent years, laser cutting machine for the development of the growing role of sheet metal industry.

a technologically advanced, powerful laser cutting machine is a complex system of optical.

mechanical and electrical integration.

its practical cutting function is to realize the important guarantee of high efficiency, high quality plate processing.

laser cutting machine

Automatic focus

When cutting different materials, the focus of the laser beam should  place on the different positions of the workpiece section.

Therefore, the focal position needs to be adjusted, that is, focus.
The early laser cutting machine generally adopts manual focusing mode.
Today, many manufacturers of laser cutting machines have realized the automatic focus function.

It believe that as long as the height of the cutting head is change.

the cutting head is raised, the focus position is increased.

the cutting head is lowered, and the focus position is reduced.
In fact, it’s not that simple.
As we know, the bottom of the cutting head nozzle to, in the process of cutting.

the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece (about 0.5 ~ 1.5 mm nozzle height).

Is a fixed value, the height of the nozzle remains constant, so cannot focus by lifting the cutting head.

otherwise unable to complete the cutting processing.

The focal length of the focus mirror is not changeable

so it cannot  focuse by changing the focal length.
Changing the position of the focusing mirror can change the focus position: the focus lens drops and the focus drops;
When the focus mirror rises, the focus rises.
This is a way of auto-focus, which needs to drive up and down by the motor drive focusing mirror to realize the auto-focus function.

Another kind of automatic focus is: before the beam into the focusing lens, configuring a variable curvature reflector (or adjustable mirror).

by changing the curvature of the mirror, change the reflected beam divergence Angle, so as to change the focus position.

Has the function of automatic focus.

can significantly improve the machining efficiency of laser cutting machine, plate processing punch time reduced.

when processing different materials, different thickness of the workpiece.

the machine can automatically adjust focus quickly to the most appropriate location.

Automatic edge

When the board is place on the workbench.

if the plate is skew, the cutting may cause waste.
If the cutting machine can sense the Angle and origin of the slant.

the cutting process can adjust to suit the Angle and position of the plate, thus avoiding waste.

Concentration of perforation

The central perforation also known as pre-perforation

which is a processing technology, not the function of the laser cutting machine itself.
When the laser cutting is thicker.

the cutting process of each contour will go through two stages, one is perforation and the other is cutting.
The so-called centralized perforation is the process of concentrating all the perforations on the plate in advance.

and then the cutting process will  carried out again.
The central perforation machining process is: complete all contour perforation

return to the starting point and cut all contour.

Compared with the conventional machining process.

the total length of the machine’s running trajectory  increase when the central perforation is concentrate.
However, this process can avoid the occurrence of burning phenomenon.
In the process of thick plate perforation, heat accumulation is form around the perforation point.

If the cutting process is follow closely, there  will a burning phenomenon.