What does a high-power cutting machine mean for a factory? – Alicia

What does a high-power cutting machine mean for a factory?

All we know that if they can cut 0.25-inch plate with a 4 kW laser, they can cut it faster with an 8 kW laser power source. Now imagine what they can do with high-power cutting machine, like12 kW fiber laser cutting machine. And how about a 15 , 20, 30kW?

Those options are currently available to metal fabricators, but it would be a mistake to focus only on cutting thick metal. These machines can do much more than cut thick materials, even if that is the first thing that comes to mind for a manufacturer. In reality, manufacturers often process metal 0.25 inches or thinner, Not many operate with extra thick plates.

The history of high powed fiber laser technology revolves around reducing process time in laser cutting. This is why we see metal fabricators buying a high-power cutting machine to replace two or even three old lasers; They can get laser bed parts faster and cheaper than before.

Keep in mind that a manufacturer with a high-power cutting machine can produce more parts per hour. So the cost per part decreases as the power increases. However, this occurs only if the laser cutting machine is fast enough to maximize the power of the machine.

Operating costs will likely increase as the power level increases in a fiber laser cutting machine. Generally, doubling the power increases laser operating costs by 20 to 30 percent. That is why it is so important that the fiber laser is operating at peak efficiencies. So that the parts cycle time can be reduced to offset higher operating costs. By reducing cycle time, a manufacturer can reduce the impact of fixed and variable costs and increase profitability.

In addition, with the high-power cutting machine, cuts can made with compressed air that means reduction in variable cost for each cut piece.

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