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The way to choose high quality laser marking machine

High quality laser marking machine:In recent years, more and more suppliers of fiber high quality laser marking machine have appeared on the market. Almost all customers feel that the price of fiber laser marking machines is cheaper and cheaper than before. Some customers may pay attention to the quality of the machine, while others will care about the price of the machine. So how do customers choose the right fiber laser marking machine among many suppliers?

1. How to choose the right machine for the customer?

We met a lot of customers who asked us about 10w machines.

However, they do not know that the 10W fiber laser marking machine is close to the market. Since this machine is too slow, do not use it.

Then the minimum power is 20W machine. The 20W machine is mainly used for surface marking of plastic, stainless steel, aluminum and so on.

But if the customer wants to engrave deeply, then a 30W machine will be a better choice.

For a 30w machine, the engraving time will be longer, resulting in a weaker strength. For all materials, aluminum is the easiest to achieve deep engraving.

We met a lot of customers from the United States and asked about the depth of aluminum.

There are many gun manufacturers and metal suppliers in the US, so for this customer, a 30w machine will be a better choice. The price of 30w is not high, it can also meet the needs of customers.

Gun deep marking videos:

2. Fiber laser marking machine for jewelry cutting

Some customers require jewelry cutting, such as silver and gold. For this customer, we usually introduce a 50w jewelry cutting machine. If the customer chooses a 30w machine, the power is a bit weak. If you cut jewelry, the time may be longer.

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