UV Laser Machine Vs. Fiber laser Marking Machine

Firstly, a comparision of Materials the two types of laser machines can work on

UV laser common applications

Mark: some metals

Mark and engrave: all plastics

Mark: all glass

Mark and engrave: some stones

Mark: paper

Mark and engrave: leather

Mark: fruits

Mark: wood

Mark: ceramic garments

And other materials, for more information consult us.

Fiber laser common applications

Mark and engrave: all metals

Mark and engrave: some plastics

Mark: some stones

Mark: some leathers

Mark: some paper

Mark: some garments


Secondly, Whats the advantage of the Fiber laser engraving?

In simple words, the main advantage of the fiber laser engraving machine is its capacity of engraving, mark and carve at high speed ON the non metal materials. The fiber laser also can mark different non-metal materials but the result of the engraving on this materials it is not going to be as well done like with a UV laser machine. However, this is extra points for the fiber laser machines, the capacity to work perfectly over metals and to work over some non-metal materials.

The disadvantage of this machine of Fiber laser machines is as follows. Fiber laser machines can not Engrave on wood , glass and plastics, papers and transparent object.

UV laser machines has many advantages. Firstly, UV laser machines is multifunctional. It can engrave on many kinds of materials. For example, metal and non-metal materials. The system can be automatic. For instance, it can make rotary engraving, linear guide engraving, conveyor engraving system and Camera Capture System.

For more information about other materials consult us.

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