How to use Rotary for fiber laser marking machine-ivy

How to use Rotary for fiber laser marking machine

How to use Rotary for fiber laser marking machine? Many customers asked us to provide them the technical support.,whatever they bought machine from us or not.

Maybe their machine suppliers just sold machine,but did not know how to use the machine.

But as a machine factory,XTLASER brand will tell you how to mark patterns with rotary device by fiber laser marking machine.

First confirm your rotary axis has connected.

Fiber laser marking

Second to open the software interface,then to click “SplitMark2″

rotating marking

then it will show:

laser marking machine XTLASER








Here, pay attention: Part diameter means your round products diameter, not word space.

Then click-Param:

fiber laser marking machine








As the photo shown, choose Y and change the part diameter number. This number is your round products actual diameter.

how to mark patterns with rotary device

Then use RotaryMark:

how to mark patterns with rotary device

Click RotaryMark, put the drawing split into several pcs,you can double click,then it will red line.

The red line distance is the marking distance.

You just need to adjust the diameter size,choose Mark by split line,and mark selected




rotating fiber laser marking

laser marking fiber machine










Before the machine delivery,the marking testing videos will show you on YouTube or Google drive.

And the marking parameters will be saved on the computer,the users manual and videos will be sent you together with the machine.

Sharing you the rotating marking samples by our testing department:

marking fiber laser samples






Also following with the marking videos:

Especially in the field of jewelry or Yeti cup,the rotating marking of patterns are really popular.

Additionally,the break disc also need the rotary device,just a larger one,sharing the picture with you:

The YouTube video as below:

If you also need one rotating marking by fiber laser marking machine,you need to tell us your marking maximum diameter,the marking content,the material,its better to send us your marking samples pictures for a direct reference.

And we also will make the testing for your requirements to make sure we can meet your requirements or not.

More machine details you want to know,just tell me.