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How To Use A Fiber Laser Marker

The following is a brief description of how to use a fiber laser marker.

It makes the assumption that the marker has a steered beam (galvo-driven) optical system.

Before you begin to mark something, first you have to answer the following three questions:

  1. What you are going to mark?
  2. Where are you going to mark it?
  3. How are you going to mark it?

What you are going to mark and where you are going to mark it have to do with the specific laser marking software that you are using.

XT LASER use ezcad Software ,and you can learn more about the software by our blog.

Generally, the most challenging question to answer for new users is, “How are you going to mark it?”

To address that question, one needs to know a bit about how the fiber laser marker and the marking system work.

If you are familiar with laser marking then you probably know that the two most important settings.

U could change it and achieve the outcome u need.

fiber laser marker

1. two most important settings of fiber laser marker

First of all, it is the speed.

This is how fast the laser beam travels over the part being marked.

The galvos can usually steer the laser beam over the part much faster than the laser

Therefore, galvos rarely run at their maximum potential speed.

Galvo manufacturers will give speed specifications that state that the galvo is capable of “hundreds of characters per second.” At those speeds and for most materials, however, the laser does not have enough time on any portion of the part to do any work.

Useful speeds depend on the material and the laser power.

Speeds of 30 to 35 inches per second might be fine for removing anodize on aluminum.

But engraving deeper into metals will be better accomplished at a speed of 5 inches per second.

Secondly, it is the speed

The laser can only put out as much power as it is designed for.

Generally speaking, more power out of the laser will allow either more material removal or allow the part to be marked at higher galvo speeds.

A 20 watt fiber laser markercan only put out 20 watts.

The appropriate power to use depends on the material being marked and the desired result.

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