Do u learn about the Laser cutting machine-Angelina

Do u learn about the Laser cutting machine

Laser Cutting: Catch up with industry 4.0

Laser Cutting Machine is faster and more energy-efficient than plasma cutting.

Nowadays, With the progress of science and technology, more and more factories are pursuing efficient production to bring greater benefits.

In terms of  thin or medium-thickness sheet metal, most commonly steel or aluminum.

In the past, laser cutting has not been possible for thicker stock.

But today’s higher-wattage machines are approaching the capabilities of plasma cutting.

Fiber laser technology effectively eliminates bend mirrors.

And the need for beam adjustment and alignment, improving consistency.

This is important for production jobs including laser cutting, welding and fold forming.

For cutting accuracy and efficiency, the fiber laser cutting machine stands head and shoulders above other cutting systems,

Such as CO2 lasers or CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.

Fiber lasers are designed for energy efficiency.

The laser beam is transmitted directly from the resonator through a fiber optic cable to the cutting head.

This solid-state design does not require any mirrors or optical devices to transmit the laser beam.

Fiber lasers are an ideal choice for cutting reflective materials such as copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Unlike a CO2 laser that use electricity to ignite laser gas, that includes gases like Helium, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide to produce the laser beam.

It uses a Compact Ytterbium Fiber Laser System that is directly feed into the core of the flexible fiber optic cable.

Fiber laser cutter technology do not require expensive gases to operate and they use less electricity.

And it  has a 35% wall efficiency as compared to CO2 that has an 8% wall efficiency.

Another big advantage of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines is that fiber lasers are less expensive to operate.

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