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Two major prevent about fiber laser marking machine


1. Prevent fiber breakage

The pump source of the laser system and the laser head connect by an optical fiber. The user should ensure that the bending diameter of the optical fiber is greater than 300mm during use or transportation. Severe bending will cause fiber breakage and laser system failure.

2. Prevent dust pollution

When the optical fiber inlets of the power supply and laser head connect to the optical fiber. The protective cover provided with the system mustinstall to prevent external dust from polluting the internal optical components.

When the optical fiber  connect to the power supply and the laser head. The protective cover provided with the system must  install to prevent the fiber end face from  pollut. (If the end face of the optical fiber has adhered to dust. The end face of the optical fiber should wipe clean with an ear cleaning ball. If it is serious, it should wipe clean with dust-free paper moistened with a mixture of alcohol and ether). Failure to install the protective cover will contaminate the internal optical components and fiber end faces. Which will cause the entire laser system to not work properly and will void the warranty.

3. Prevent condensation on the laser crystal and LD cavity surface

The laser system is forbidden to work in a high humidity environment. And the customer should ensure that the environmental humidity is less than 60%. Which will cause the power of the laser system to drop or damage. Therefore, when the ambient temperature is much higher than the set temperature of the water tank (above 10 degrees). It is strictly forbidden that the laser system is in a single-on water cooler and the laser head is not working. In this state, the following steps are recommended:

When shutting down, first slowly reduce the current to about 10A and stop the power output. Turn off the power. And then turn off the water chiller as soon as possible. If you are not working at the maximum current. You can appropriately increase the refrigeration temperature of the refrigerator (but not higher than 25°C). Be sure to use the laser system equipment in the specified environment (the southern operating environment should be equipped with air conditioning).



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