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Fiber laser cutting machine for tube

There are many different kinds of fiber laser cutting machine in the market recently, fiber laser cutting machine and tube fiber laser  cutting machine.

Nearly we usually meet with the plate fiber laser cutting machine.

For example, cut carbon steel, stainless steel or some high-anti material.

Today I want to introduce the tube fiber laser cutting machine in focus.

When we meet with a customer who want to learn more about the tube fiber laser cutting machine,

what kind of questions should we figure out?

1.The tube shape of customer by tube fiber laser cutting machine

As is known to all, there are many different kinds of tube in the world.

So what kind of shape could our tube fiber laser cutting machine cut?

①The  square tube

fiber tube cutting machine

②The round tube

fiber laser cutting machine

③The ellipse tube

ellipse tube cutting

2.What kind of questions do we ask?

First of all, what kind of material of your products?

The fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used for metal cutting, such as carbon steel, stainless steel,brass or aluminium, etc.

Different material may have different requirements to the laser source, for those high-anti material, we introduce the nLIGHT laser source.

Secondly, what is the thickness of the material?

This question is important, because we usually introduce the power according to the material thickness.

What is the length of the tube.

Our company has the 3m and 6m machine, customer could choose the machine according to your own needs.

In the end, what is the diameter of the tube?

We usually introduce the automatically chuck to the customer, with 20-200 stroke.

tube laser cutting machine

3.Some details about the chuck

There are two kinds of chuck in our company about the chuck, that is manual chuck and automatic chuck.

We usually introduce the automatic chuck to the customer, the front is electronic chuck and the behind is pneumatic chuck.

automatic chuck of tube cutter

The diameter of our chuck could reach 20-200mm, besides, it is automatic chuck, so there is no need to adjust the chuck.

Only the diameter is within 20-200, it could process directly.

This chuck could save much time and energy, it is popular in the market.

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