How to transform the fiber laser cutting machine – Catherine

At present, fiber laser cutting machine is widely used, the market has a large amount, and from plasma to carbon dioxide and then to fiber.

All the way to develop over, step by step more and better, fast, high quality, less supplies, ability, represents the future development trend.
Everything is followed the development of a decline in the development of the objective laws of the decline. At the beginning is high-precision, and then universal. Finally the crude chaos to decline and even perish.

Cutting machine development process is no exception. Just the rise of the quality of good, dry and began to fight the price, scrambling against the quality of the decline. So, some of the pre-product in a certain feature and performance than the early product is much better. Especially the hardware part.

It is certain to say that the mechanical part of the early product of fiber laser cutting machine is more important than the current newly listed machine. On the firmness, in precision, in material, durability and wear resistance. Advantage, which is the old equipment to be the key to the transformation of the !!!
In particular, some of the original imported servo motor, rails, rack and pinion of the old cutting machine, do not lightly abandoned! After the transformation of the equipment performance may be better than the performance of the new purchase!
You must use the high price to buy a good goods, and now the price must have it low down the truth. It must be workmanship, material optimization. The use of cutting machine is often the layman manufacturing maste.

The type of timber, quality level, configuration size, the level of accuracy, machine structure, stress aging, grinding fine milling, famous brands, etc., Certainly not as clear as professionals. So, the most vulnerable to flicker, missed the bet.

  1. What kind of situation does the cutting machine need to be repaired?

    A: At present, the fiber machine within 5 years, more failures, often affect the production, can not work properly, there are still continue to use the value of trimming.

  2. What kind of circumstances the cutting machine needs to be improved?

    A: Vintage imported configuration of the plasma, carbon dioxide, fiber laser cutting machine, there are necessary to improve. Especially the carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, the quality of its bed far beyond the current level of the new machine. And then use the fiber laser cutting machine for many years, “tasteless, abandoned the pity” must be improved to improve work efficiency. If you need a small increase in power, you can also choose to improve the technology. There are still rounded round cut side of the square, most of the use of system functions can not be adjusted. If mechanical precision problems, can not move according to pulse instructions. And often wave section, but also a reasonable improvement to restore mechanical motion accuracy.

  3. What kind of circumstances the cutting machine needs to be replaced?

    A: In principle, plasma laser cutting machine, you must change the machine, and its technology has been backward. Speed, quality, unit consumption are problematic. And then there is a new requirement for the thickness, the need for greater power. And the original machine power span of more than 2000W. It can not be improved, can only update to buy new equipment.