Training scheme of fiber laser cutting machine-Angelina

Training scheme of fiber laser cutting machine

There are many customers asking for the fiber laser cutting machine.

However, there are seldom knowing how to use and operate the machine.

Most of them have never contacted with the cutting machine , so they need attend the training after receiving the machine.

For our company, there are two ways for customer to choose:

First of all,sellers can send engineers to help customers install laser machines, train workers.

However,the buyer should offer round-trip air ticket and during training period.

but the buyer should offer boarding and lodging .
Another way is that Buyer can send engineers to come to visit Seller factory, seller will offer free training.

fiber laser cutting machine training

1.The specific training process of the fiber laser cutting machine

①First of all,Lathe bed adjustment,and connect every electrical equipment of the fiber laser cutting machine

(1) Lathe bed adjustment

(2) Power line connection of servo motor

(3) Power line connection of encoder

(4) Connection of 19 core aircraft-dimensional interpolation

(5) Installation of cutting head

(6) Connection method of water chiller and how to add water.

(7) Connection method of laser source

(8)How to connect control box and 5 pcs wires

(9) Commissioning,Test run

Normally the work will take one day to finish.

fiber laser cutting machine

②Secondly, Software introduction

(1) Boot order

(2) Software open and shut down

(3) Adjustment of common parameters

(4) Methods of Making and importing graph

fiber laser cutting machine

③Thirdly, Cutting effect adjustment

(1) Introduction of the factors affect cutting effect

a) Adjust light path

b) Calibration

c) Adjust focal length

d) Air pressure adjustment and trial cut

e) parameter

(2) Trial cut and parameters save for various of sheet material

④Fourthly ,Equipment maintenance

(1) Cooling water replacement method and cycle

(2) The replacement method of the filter element

(3) Guide and rack maintenance

(4) Focus lens and protective mirror wipe, replacement

(5) Nozzle replacement

⑤Fifthly, Treatment of faults

(1) Refer to manual, introduce servo common failure code

(2) Solution to the software common alarm information

⑥ Sixly,Customer operating

Customer operating the machine by himself, any questions will be answered and solved at sight