Tip for choosing transformer in the cnc 1000w fiber laser cutting machine – Jennifer

For buying the cnc 1000w fiber laser cutting machine, 3 questions is quite common. Today we are going to share these three tips. For advice suggesting buying the cutter, the followings are the details. Today, there is one aspect can be helpful for every customers. Who are going to buy the cnc 1000w fiber laser cutting machine.

About the transformer choosing

As different place has different industrial voltage, so the regulator choosing is still the very important decision. Today, we are going to the take one example as American customers.

What’s the difference between the single manostat & the device with manostat and transformer:

– As other suppliers has offer u the 980 usd for the manostat, so we should say that
With such cost, at Chinese local, we can only buy the manostat, not the transformer.
So this price, Bodor offer u is the stabilizer, not the transformer.

– For XT LASER, I offer u, the above price is the device with two function – manostat & transformer.

– About the difference between the stablizer & the device wtih stabilizer and transformer.
As you know that our machine’s supporting voltage is 380V 3phase 50/60hz.
So taking one examples with the 480v to 380V.

-For the stabilizer only, it is only responsible for outputing the 380V voltage (Our machine needs).
The exceeding voltage, the stabilizer is not repsonsible for this.
So the excedding voltage will be hurt the stabilizer & burn the laser source & servo motor in the long run time using.

– While for the device of stabilizer & tansformer, this device will stablize the voltage into 480V firstly, then transfer the voltage into 380V finally.
So it can make sure to provide the stable voltage as our machine needed in the long time.
So it is the difference between the above.

– In order to be responsible for our machine, and for your machine, we provide the device with stabilizer & transformer at the very beginning.
Even we donot talk the stabilizer at the very beginning.

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