The working principle and application of laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine

1. What is the working principle of laser engraving?
During laser engraving, the laser can engrave shapes, graphics or pictures (such as JPG or PNG) on various materials. In this process, the processing material is cut off little by little. The material is cut line by line, that is, the laser moves horizontally along each line of the engraving. This processing method is called mesh carving. In addition, you can also use this method to engrave surfaces or shapes, such as photos, pictures, LOGO, inlays, fine thick font engravings, seal faces, etc.
2. What is the working principle of laser cutting?
Laser cutting processing is a thermal peeling process. In this process, the laser beam will move and cut according to a predetermined geometric shape. Like laser engraving, laser cutting can also cut various materials. Vector-based graphics files (geometric shapes composed of straight lines and curves) are the basis of laser cutting.
In addition, this process can be used to cut and process various shapes, such as letters, signs, labels, etc., and for laser cutting of previously engraved materials.
3. Mainly want to apply for laser cutting processing?
Xintian equipment can be customized according to customer needs. Laser cutting is usually used for large-area materials, with fast cutting speed, high accuracy, and clean cutting edges. For this reason, higher laser power (watts) is usually required. For example, our large laser cutting machine is suitable for mass laser cutting processing of acrylic sheets, medium density fiberboards, textiles, etc.
4Mainly for laser engraving processing applications?
Users who mainly need laser engraving processing usually need a laser processing system with a small working area and specially designed for laser processing at the highest speed. For engraving glass, wood, plastic, leather, paper, stone, fabric and other materials, the working principle and application of laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine