The shutdown sequence of fiber laser cutting machine-Tulsa

The shutdown sequence of fiber laser cutting machine-Tulsa

Shutdown machine

First exit the software, click the computer shutdown button, wait for the computer to completely shut down, reset the key switch, and turn the red knob switch to OFF.

To sum up, this chapter introduces the preparations before starting work.

There is no strict requirement on the boot sequence of each component. The recommended boot sequence is: host and operating software→air supply device→water cooler→optical fiber device.


shutdown sequence

  1. After processing, click “N2” or Air\O2 to release the gas in each trachea, and close the gas supply device.
  2. Paste tape under the nozzle of the cutting head to prevent air dust from entering the cutting head.
  3. Move the X-axis and Y-axis to the middle of the machine tool to prevent the transmission shaft from deforming due to its own gravity and affecting the cutting accuracy.
  1. After turning off the light on the laser, disconnect the power supply.
  2. After turning off the switch on the water cooler, disconnect the power supply.
  3. Close the control software and shut down the host computer.
  4. Inspect the surrounding environment of the machine tool, check whether there are fire or high-temperature objects, prevent fires and eliminate safety hazards