The rotary axis and more equipment-Jary

The rotary axis and more equipment

The rotary axis equipment and more.

 Rotary axis is a necessary equipment for marking on the ring and round stuff.

50mm Rotary axis

It help us lots of favor. But only one rotary can’t solve all problems with marking.

If we have high requests of marking efficiency, flying marking is a good choice.

As the name suggests, we transport the product  on a conveyor belt, stop it at the focus and marking.

This allows for a large number of markings. Like the videos show as below,

We also met many large products, and not easy for marking. So we need more equipment to fix these products.

Such as Clamping. Recently, I receive an inquiry about marking on big cylinder. 500mm length, 150mm diameter,20kg weight.

I have talked with our technician, they give me a preliminary suggestion. Use two chuck to clamp it and marking while rolling.

This is a viable solution. And we need test the marking effect.

we have kinds of mode for marking different products. As long as we try to think about it.

About how to use rotary axis, please click here.

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