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The reasons for laser nozzle failure during laser cutting

Today, XT laser gives you a deeper understanding of The reasons for laser nozzle failure during laser cutting. In the previous blog we mentioned The influence of the nozzle on the laser cutting quality and some considerations during the use of the nozzle.

If you face the problem of nozzle failure during the cutting process, how to deal with it in time.

With the rapid development of social economy, fiber laser cutting machines rely on the advantages of “low energy consumption, no pollution, simple operation” become rapidly popular.

However, due to some improper operation factors, people may block or damage the laser nozzle .

Thereby causing the cutting precision of the laser cutting head, and affecting the service life of the cutting machine.

This article focuses on the main causes of laser nozzle failure.

Follow me please.

First of all, we know that laser cutting nozzles have single and double layers.

The nozzles range in diameter from 1.0 mm to 3.0 mm and with 5 taper holes.

These features do not guarantee that the nozzle will dissipate heat and it is not easy to get slag.

However, due to features in the nozzle itself and the performance of the cutting machine, it is easy for the nozzle to wear  out.

1. The nozzle “chip”, the aperture becomes larger of fiber laser cutting machine

Single-layer laser nozzles are easily deformed by flaws due to the soft material.

And in the process of mechanical operation, the nozzle will directly contact the slag.

2. The nozzle is deformed and the slag particles damage the inner lens

In the laser cutting process, there are two cases:

When the laser cutting head is  in the vertical direction, the mechanical sensing protection mechanism will stop the machine.

Then people can naturally think the collision from the horizontal direction as a collision with the laser cutting head due to the lifting of the cutting material.

When the laser cutting head is stressed, the sensor protection mechanism can stop the mechanical operation in time.

And the nozzle directly contacts the material, causing the nozzle to deform.

Continue cutting; when the laser head is lightly stressed, the sensing protection mechanism can not shut down the machine in time, causing the nozzle to enter the slag.

And the high pressure airflow will blow the slag into the laser head to cause loss.

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