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Reasons for laser tube not emitting light

Reasons for laser tube not emitting light
Reasons for laser tube not emitting light

The laser tube of the laser cutting machine usually does not emit light. There are usually three cases. One is suddenly not emitting light, the other is that the light with the laser tube is getting weaker and weaker, and the last is that everything is normal when you start to use it. There is no light at boot. What are the reasons why the laser cutting machine does not emit light?
Regarding the laser tube not emitting light caused by the above three conditions, the specific reasons are detailed below:
1. About the reason for not emitting light
Check the water circulation of the laser machine to see if there is water from the nozzle of the pipe. (a If the water outlet pipe is normal, then ask the customer how long it has taken since starting up (please answer truthfully, otherwise It will affect the correct judgment). If the customer said that it took more than one morning or more than two hours, then please check whether there is water in the outermost layer of the CO2 laser tube. If there is water, it is because the water temperature is too high. And caused the laser tube to blow up (for customer reasons).

If there is no water in the outer layer, then we will check the laser power supply. There is a red button on the laser power supply. Press it to see if light is emitted. If it emits light, it means that the water protection device may be malfunctioning. The customer first checks whether the water outlet of the water protection is blocked, and then cleans the water protection, it is best to rinse with water. At this time, we must pay attention to the water inlet and outlet of the water protection, absolutely not reverse, otherwise the laser tube will be damaged. The second method is to first short-circuit the PG on the laser power supply (connect it with a wire) but at this time pay attention to check the water circulation, the water protection does not work, and avoid the laser tube from being damaged. If the light still does not come out, it means that the laser power supply is broken, and you can find the manufacturer to replace it.

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