The process of Fiber Laser Cutting Copper Plate-Vincy

The process of Fiber Laser Cutting Copper Plate-Vincy


Now use the fiber laser cutting machine, you need to know The process of Fiber Laser Cutting Copper plate.

1.Research on fiber laser cutting carbon steel

The 2000W fiber laser cutting machine was used to cut Q235-A carbon steel below 16mm.

And the process analysis carry out with 3mm and 10mm as examples. After the process is optimized, each sample analyz.

The effects of focal length, laser power, defocusing amount and air pressure parameters on the shape. Then roughness and streaks of the slit analyz.

The results show that, unlike conventional lasers.

And fiber laser cutting 3mm carbon steel is generally positive defocusing.

And cutting 10mm carbon steel generally chooses negative defocusing.

When cutting a thin plate, in order to increase the speed, high power and high air pressure cutting generally select.

When cutting thick plates, ensure the quality of the cut surface, generally choose high power, low pressure.

2. Fiber laser cutting copper plate process research

The 5mm copper plate cut 3000W fiber laser cutting machine. The laser power, cutting speed, auxiliary gas pressure and defocus amount were studied respectively.

The cutting quality (including slit width, heat affected area width, section roughness, hanging) .

The influence law of slag amount, etc., and the orthogonal relationship test use to determine the primary ,and secondary factors affecting the cutting width and section roughness. And the optimal cutting parameters optimize.

The experimental results show that the cutting quality of 2 mm copper plate with a power of 2 600 W, a speed of 1.4 m / min, an oxygen pressure of 16 bar and a negative defocus of 4 mm can result in a good cutting quality with narrow slits, smooth section and no dross.


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