The introduction of laser cutting machine–Huda

The introduction of laser cutting machine 

The introduction of laser cutting machine

Hi everyone, this is Huda from XT laser. Today I will talk about the laser cutting machine.

We will talk about it from theory, thechonlogy, and key parameters. Next day we will introduce other parts from the parts, application, details.

Firstly, we introduce the theory.

The light is from laser source. And through the light path system. Letting focus into laser beam with high power density.

And then the laser beam irradiate to the artifact surface. Let the artifact melt or gasify. At the same time, high pressure gas will blow away the vaporized metal.

Finally, Follow the move of laser head, cut the material. At last, Achieve the purpose of cutting.

secondly, we talk about the technology of laser cutting machine.

First, About vaporized cutting. During the cutting, let the surface of material become to boiling point quickly. And time is very quick. Avoid the heat conduction and melt. Let the material vaporize. Then using gas blow away vaporized materials.

2nd, About fusion cutting. Almost same as vaporized cutting. The machine melt. And using gas blow away the melt materials. Finally, achieve cutting.

3rd, About oxidation melting cutting. The melt cutting usually use inert gas. If replaced with oxygen. At last, the materials will be ignited.

4th, Controlled fracture cutting.

Thirdly, we talk about the key parameters.

The laser cutting machine have two technology. One is pulse laser. So it is suitable for metal materials. Another is continuous laser. So it is suitable for non-metal materials. But the second one is the most important technology in laser industry.

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The introduction of laser cutting machine

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