The important part of 1530G fiber laser cutting machine-Ariel

The important part of 1530G fiber laser cutting machine


Today we will introduce the important part of 1530G fiber laser cutting machine.Hope it can help you learn more about

XTLASER fiber laser cutting machine.

1.About the laser source

We have Raycus,MAX and IPG laser source can be chose.

As we said before,Raycus is the best brand in China.Its quality and service are also very good.While IPG is
German brand,it is more stable but its price is more expensive than Raycus.So client can choose the laser source
according to their budget.There is one thing need to notice.If the customer cut material in alumimun occupies
a large proportion(≥30%),we will recommend IPG laser source.Because aluminum is high-reflective mateirals. it
will have damage to the common laser source after long time using.If the client only need to cut stainless steel
and carbon steel,then IPG or Raycus is ok.

2.Other main configurations

Firstly, control system:FSCUT2000C;

Secondly, Gantry:aluminum profile;
Thirdly, Servo motor:Japan Fuji(X:1.0kw Y:1.5kw  Z:0.4kw)
Forthly, Cutting head:Raytools BMH115;
Finally,Machine body weight:5200kgs

3.About the cutting speed and cutting ability
For same materials,the larger the laser power,the faster the cutting speed.That’s why more and more clients choose
higher laser power machine.We don’t recommend our client choose 1kw and 1.5kw now.Because they are now being
phased out of the market.

We can send you the the cutting speed table in attachment for your reference.Not like metal plate,the tube cutting need to
consider the tube materials,shape,diamater ect.Then the cutting ability is different.And the maximum cutting power
of the pipe cutting part can only be 3kw beause the chuck bearing limit. (even we have many clients choose 6kw 1530GT
model,their tube cutting ability can only up to 3kw)

If you have any other questions about the machine,pls feel free to contact us.We will send you a detailed quotation list.


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