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The importance of laser cutting machine parts

The importance of laser cutting machine parts

There are different types of laser cutting machine equipment on the market at this stage, but do you really know how to choose a good fiber laser cutting machine equipment?

Now I will explain to you the importance of laser cutting machine components.

Firstly.Fiber laser cutting machine:

It is an important part of fiber laser cutting machine, which generates laser beam energy to cut materials.

Secondly. Cutting head: The cutting head includes focusing lens, lens, sensor, nozzle and other components.

The laser beam is irradiate to the surface of the material through the cutting head for processing operations.

Thirdly. Machine tool workbench: the machine tool part of the fiber laser cutting machine, including the cutting work platform.

It is use to place the material to be cut and can move correctly and accurately in accordance with the control program, usually drive by a servo motor.

fourth. Servo motor: The servo motor can control the cutting speed with accurate position accuracy. The rotor speed of the servo motor is controll by the input signal.

fifth.Linear guide rail: The function of linear guide rail movement is to support and guide the moving parts to make reciprocating linear motion in a given direction.

sixth. Chiller: The function of the chiller is to cool down the fiber laser cutting machine, so prevent the lens from being deforme or broke due to excessive temperature.

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