The high risk of laser “frostbite” in the WINTER use-Max

Pay attention to the high risk of laser “frostbite” in the WINTER use

Pay attention to the high risk of laser “frostbite” in the WINTER use. The cold wave is becoming fierce and here comes with the range “frozen”.  While the storage temperature of the laser is -10 °C~60 °C, the working temperature is 10 °C~40°C. An extremely cold climate can cause irreparable damage to the optical parts of the laser. Therefore, at this low temperature, it is necessary to do the correct antifreeze measures for the laser:

1. Store and use the laser in strict accordance with the storage temperature and operating temperature.

2, Buy a large bottle of car antifreeze and it should be without adding waterin the nearby regular gas station. That kind could be directly used in the laser water cooling system (no need add water).


1. Before use, drain all water from the water cooler, laser, laser output head, processing head and water pipe, and blow dry with air pressure not higher than 0.4Mpa (4bar).

2. During the ventilation and drainage process, check the direction of coolant inlet and outlet of QBH and QCS laser output heads. “in” is the inlet and “out” is the outlet. It must be ventilated to the inlet. If gas is introduced into the QBH or QCS outlet, it may cause damage to the internal fiber (because the flow rate of the airflow is high).

3. Check the antifreeze capacity mark (freezing point temperature) on the outer packaging of the antifreeze is lower than the minimum temperature of the local environment by at least 5 degrees.

Please pay attention to the above technical content. if the laser damaged because of the icing of the coolant, it is not covered by the free warranty!