The focus name, position and introduction of fiber laser cutting machine-Tulsa

The focus name, position and introduction of fiber laser cutting machine-Tulsa

Relative to the surface of the processed material. In addition, after the laser beam is focus, the focal point is call the focus positions.

The focal positions determines the beam diameter and power density on the surface of the workpiece. Moreover the shape of the incision. In the laser cutting process, the relative position of the beam focus. And the surface of the cut sheet has a great influence on the cutting quality. It is very important to adjust the focus position correctly. Laser cutting machine equipped with high-precision automatic follow-up adjustment device. When the height of the plate changes, the control system will automatically adjust the distance. Which between the lower end of the nozzle and the plate. In order to ensure a constant height between the nozz

le and the plate surface and a stable focus positions.

To sum up, the focusing lens focusing mechanism adopts a precision screw to pull the focusing box to achieve focusing. With good self-locking performance and fine focusing function.

The following table lists the relationship between the position of the focus and the cutting material and section

Name and focus positions

Zero focus: the laser focus is on the upper surface of the sheet

Used when cutting thin plates.  At this time, the maximum power density and the smallest beam diameter can obtained. On the surface of the material, and the narrowest slit can be obtain.

Positive focus: the laser focus is above the upper surface of the sheet.

How to use laser oxygen cutting. The focus is on the surface, the focus position increases, and the slit increases accordingly.

Negative focus: the laser focus is below the upper surface of the sheet.

The use of laser melting and cutting. The focus is inside the material, the focus position is reduced, and the slit is enlarged accordingly.

To sum up, different focus position and location is suit to cutting different material with different gas, it’s depending on your cutting demand.

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