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Difference function laser marker ink jet printer

With the continuous development of electronic technology, laser and computer technology are organically combined, and users can realize laser marking output by programming on a computer. It also produces clear markings on several material suppliers or on irregular surfaces. The difference function laser marker ink jet printer.

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Difference function laser marker ink jet printer

The laser can form a very thin beam with a minimum line width of 0.1 mm on the surface of the material. It creating a wide space for precision machining and anti-counterfeiting. Not only can you write complex texts, graphics, images, light-transparent buttons, trademark design, barcodes, QR codes, product serial numbers, autographs, etc.


Any graphics and text displayed on the screen can immediately place on the surface of the specified material. Laser marking can also improve the appearance of the product and the brand name effect. And enhance the market competitiveness of the product. Difference function laser marker ink jet printer


   High-quality laser marking machine can also print various unchangeable graphics, texts, numbers and other information on high-speed and clear packaging in various materials (such as wine bottles, bottle caps, etc.). And the different function in laser marker ink jet printer.

And print on products or packaging special marks (graphics, text, coding), or special features of laser marking. Then to effectively prevent the flow of counterfeit and counterfeit products and cross-regional sales, dumping goods. And print number, barcode, send to land, etc. on product packaging and carton packaging information.


At the same time connect to the database system, can also achieve flow tracking and dealer tracking across the region. Then which is beneficial to protect the legitimate interests of manufacturers. And difference function laser marker ink jet printer


The laser marking machine can use to play random code or anti-counterfeiting code. And the different function in laser marker ink jet printer.


It can also make a separate code for each bottle or every small bottle cap. It can directly identify, fast and easy. And can also spray price, promotion and other information. Printed on the wine box, it can effectively control the sales price of the wine and prevent market fluctuations. Then the different function in laser marker ink jet printer.


In the future life, the laser marking machine has become a development trend instead of the ink jet printer. Then the laser marking machine mark with a permanent mark that cannot wipe off. It is instantly vaporized directly on the surface of the object by laser. And it can visually distinguish without any aids and is easy for consumers to recognize. And no consumables, maintenance is more convenient.


The laser marking machine breaks through the normative and unitary nature of traditional ink coding technology, creating a brand new coding method, highlighting the product characteristics and brand differences. And enhancing the competition of products in the increasingly fierce market. Capabilities, while providing a powerful tool for shortening product upgrade cycles and flexible production.


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