The application of fiber laser cleaning machine in airport runway-Ariel

The application of fiber laser cleaning machine in airport runway

Fiber laser cleaning technology is more and more popular recently.Today we would like to share the application of fiber laser cleaning machine in airport runway.

In recent years, with the enhancement of people’s environmental protection awareness.

it brings a great challenge for the development of cleaning industry in the world. And a variety of cleaning technologies for environmental protection came into being.

laser cleaning technology is one good way of cleaning.

Laser cleaning machine refers to the process of using high energy laser beam to illuminate the workpiece surface and make the particles.

And rust and coating on the surface to make it evaporate and peel instantly.

so as to achieve a clean process.

For an airport, the runway is paly the key role. When landing at a high speed, aircraft tires contact the runway surface due to friction. So it will cause a high temperature.

The high temperature makes the tire rubber melt instantly, forming a rubber melt and adhering to the surface texture.

it will directaffects the safe landing of aircraft.

Therefore, every airport will irregular runway cleaning the runway every year, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

XT laser  handheld cleaning machine is a professional for the airport runway cleaning, it not only can effectively remove the tire layer on the runway, and will not cause any damage to the airport runway, this machine both energy saving and environmental protection, so it will the first choice for cleaning the runway cleaning equipment.

After degumming, the runway will ensure the normal takeoff and landing of the flight.

Not only airport runway, it is also widely used in ship industry, auto parts, rubber mold. environmental protection industry, tire mold, track clean and so on.

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