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The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine

Now the fiber laser cutting machine more and more widely used.Because it has more advantage than traditional cutting machine.

1.Cutting speed

Firstly,According to the actual test results of the laser field, the cutting speed of the laser cutting
machine is more than ten times that of the traditional cutting equipment. For example, cutting
a 1mm stainless steel plate, the maximum speed of the laser cutting machine can reach more
than 30 meters per minute, which is impossible for traditional cutting machines.

2.Cutting quality, precision

Secondly,Traditional flame cutting and CNC punching machines are contact processing methods, which
damage the material greatly and the cutting quality is very low. Secondary processing must be
performed to make the surface flat, and the cutting accuracy varies greatly. The laser cutting
machine is a non-contact mechanic. So The damage to the material is almost zero. Because the
laser cutting machine uses advanced accessories, the equipment is more stable during operation,
and the cutting accuracy is more accurate, with an error of even 0.01mm. The cutting surface is
smooth. For some demanding industries, it can not only save costs, but also save processing time.

3. The operation is simpler and more convenient

Both the flame cutting machine and the CNC punching machine require manual intervention to operate
the machine. Especially for CNC punching machines, the mold to be cut must be designed first. The laser
cutting machine only needs to design the cutting pattern on the computer, any complicated pattern can be
imported into the worktable of the laser cutting machine, the equipment will be automatically processed,
and the whole process is automated without manual intervention.

4. Fast cutting speed, high degree of automation, easy operation, low labor intensity, and no pollution.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is now a society that emphasizes efficiency. Everything must be fast and good.
The efficiency of cutting materials is also improved. The traditional cutting machine is gradually eliminated by
the market due to heavy operation and low work efficiency.

Fiber laser cutting machine is the darling of the current market. Because the machine not only has more uniform and                                            higher precision in the production line cutting, but also can improve work efficiency and bring more production value.

1530 working area Enclosed fiber laser cutting machine

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