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Successful exhibition of fiber laser cutter machine

XT LASER company, as a mature manufacturer of fiber laser cutter machine, has attended many exhibitions this year.

It includes the overseas and domestic exhibition.

Both of these exhibitions have achieved great success, we sold out all of the cutting machines.

The customer is not only satisfied with our machine quality, but our sweet service.

In last week, we just finished the CIIF exhibition in Shanghai.

We received many customers from different countries, they show great interest to our machine.

fiber laser cutter machine

1.The different type fiber laser cutter machine in exhibition

In this big exhibition, we totally bring five machines, the desktop fiber laser marking machine and mini enclosed fiber laser marking machine.

The tube fiber laser cutter machine, 1530 open type and enclosed type fiber laser cutter machine.

Among them, the tube laser cutting machine is the most popular.

Many customer inquiry the tube laser cutting machine in the exhibition.

our salesman introduce the tube laser cutting machine to the customer in details.

fiber laser tube cutting machine

For this type machine, we use the 500w ipg laser source, for the chuck, it is pneumatic chuck.

Using the button to control it, easy to operate.

Besides we also bring the open type and enclosed fiber laser cutter machine, 1.5*3.0 meter working area.

The most popular in the market.

enclosed fiber laser cutting machineopen type cutting machine

Through these days exhibition, we found that most of customer prefer the IPG laser source.

Most of them ask the IPG not Raycus.

For the Raycus laser source, it is the best brand in China, most of our customer would like to choose it now.

Because it is cheaper than IPG, also good quality.

2.The customer paid money on site for fiber laser cutter machine

On the exhibition, we received some customer from New York, USA.

After doing some tests about the machine, the are satisfied with our machine very much.

They paid money on site for the tube and plate cutting machine.

pay money on site

If u are interested in our cutting machine, do not hesitate to contact with me:

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