Stainless steel laser cutting machine’s advantages – Jennifer

Compared with the YAG laser, what’s the stainless steel laser cutting machine‘s advantages? Today, we are going to share this point in the stainless steel laser cutting machine.


1. Cutting speed – stainless steel laser cutting machine’s speed is the 4-5 times of YAG laser. It is used in the large quantity’s processing and producing.

2. Using cost – Stainless steel laser cutting machine‘s using cost is lower than YAG sold laser cutting.

3. High photoelectric conversion rate – stainless steel laser cutting machine’s photoelectric conversion rate is 10 times of YAG laser. While fiber laser source’s price is higher, so the whole stainless steel laser cutting machine’s higher than YAG laser, but it is the high cost-efficiency of fiber laser cutter.

Main Feature of Stainless steel laser cutting machine

1. High photoelectric conversion rate, which is over than 30%.

2. Laser source only need the electric, then there is no need to additional gas. It has the lowest running and maintenance cost;

3. Laser source adapts the semiconductor designing. These is no need the starting time. The advantage includes the free-adjustment, zero maintenance, high stability. It can lower down the spare parts cost and shorten the maintenance time.

4. The fiber laser source’s output’s wavelength is 1064nm. It’s output laser beam quality is good. Power density is higher. So the metal materials can absorb these wavelength. The cutting ability is excellent. The welding ability is excellent. It can make processing cost is the lowest.

5.  There is no need the complicated reflective mirrors. Light part is simple, structure is stable. Outside light path is easy to maintain.

6. There is the protective mirrors in the laser cutting head. It will make the low consumption in the focus lens.

7. Laser light is passed by the fiber laser. It makes the machine’s designing simple. It can integrate the robot or multi working table integration.

2kw IPG fiber laser cutting machine