Compare Fiber Laser to Co2 Laser — Tony

How to cut 2-3mm stainless steel?

Recently,A customer is considering use Co2 laser to replace fiber laser for stainless steel cutting.


The customer want to cut 2-3mm stainless steel, I suggest him to use 750 watt fiber laser machine to cut it. But they told me they are looking for 300 watt ‘s Co2 engraving machine (mix type) to cut the 2-3mm stainless steel. So does the Co2 engraving machine is able to cut the 2-3mm stainless steel? The answer is yes.

Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. So today I will tell you guys what is different between both of machines.


Co2 engraving machine’s characters:

The first, We do have a Co2 engraving machine could cut 2-3mm stainless stell. As the customer said, 280W-300W Co2 engraving machine has the ability to cut 2-3mm stainless steel. And it also can cut and engrave non-metal materials, such as, Arcylic, wood, plastic, glass, leather and so on. All effects on non-metal materials are all good.

But for metal, we will use a specific laser head, then it could do metal cutting. The biggest issue is the effect is very poor. For 2mm stainless steel, the ability can reach to. But for 3mm, it is very hard and slow. There is much dross on the object. And if you often cut 3mm stainless, it will let the laser tube reduce its laser power gradually.

For a glass laser tube, its lifetime is 8000 hours. So in usual, our customer will replace it every single year. And if you cut 3mm stainless steel usually, the lifetime might be shorter. And you need to change the nozzle when you switch the cut material. I mean from non-metal to metal.

Fiber laser cutting machine’s characters:

But for 500Watt fiber laser cutting machine. First, it was designed for metal cutting, the effect is much better than Co2 laser. By the way, its lifetime much longger than Co2 laser tube. The lifetime for fiber laser cutting machine is over 100,000 hours.

And the effect is much better than Co2 laser. But I suggest 750watt before, because 500 watt the cutting ability reach to 3mm, 750watt could reach to 4mm for stainless steel, which means faster, and more powerful, then the effect is better.

So what is the disadvantage? First, it cost more than Co2 laser, and it also need N2 for stainless steel cutting. If you want use air to cut, you need add 3 parts, air tank, air filter, and air compressor. But the sides on object will turn to a bit black if cutting by air.

In the end, the fiber laser cutting machine was designed for metal cutting, So whichever the speed and effect, it is not in same level with 300watt Co2 laser. The price might higher a little. But for long-term. It is still very economic.


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