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 Specification of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

According to the different demand of clientd cutting demand, we need to offer different machine.

Include power, specification, machine type and many other details.

Let us share any fiber laser cutting machine specification.

No.1 Anto-adjust focus of XT Laser fiber laser cutting machine specification

If you need to cut up to 5mm carbon steel and stainless steel, machine power no need very high.

So no need very high demand specification and others.

But if you need to cut a thick metal plate, for example, 10mm carbon steel, need 2000w fiber laser cutting machine.

High power is high speed and high weight, so we suggest Auto-adjust.

You just need to adjust focus one time, and they will adjust focus itself next time.

So that you can save much time and machine will work well, cutting effect will very smooth.

No.2 Machine type

If you just need low power, you needn’t enclosed type.

But if you need power higher than 2000w, we suggest enclosed and excahnged platform fiber laser cutting machine.

Because enclosed will be more safe and exchanged platform is easy to feeding.

Besides high power machine speed is fast, exchanged platform will save much time.

No.3 Machine bed of XT Laser fiber laser cutting machine specification

Machine bed is very important for a fiber laser cutting machine.

For example, when a machine working with high speed, it will shaking.

And if your machine is high power, the plate weight will high too.

So you need more stable and durable machine bed to make sure machine work well.

So we offer S,H,W type machine bed for different demand.

In order to meet clients demand, we will try our best.

If you can get these information, hope it will help you to learn this market more.

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