Special equipment u need know for laser marking machine-Angelina

Special equipment u need know for laser marking machine

As we all know, fiber laser marking machine is more and more popular all over the world.

Maybe 90% customer has heard of the machine.

However , there are also sole special equipment used along with the machine in different industry.

Some of the customer maybe unfamiliar with them.

Taking this opportunity, this passage we will lead u learn more for those special equipment.

First of all, it is rotary device, which is most popular in jewelry industry.

rotary device

There are total three common size for rotary:50mm,80mm and 100mm.

Different size for different products in different industry, 50mm size for jewelry indutry, 80mm mostly in cup industry and 100mm size for uncommon products.

Secondly, it is smoke exhaust.

We all know that there would be smoke during the fiber laser marking machine working.

Especially for this mini enclosed fiber laser marking machine.

In this situation we need equip with a smoke exhaust for the machine to absorb the smoke.

smoke exhaust

Also for this open model, if the customer would like to avoid smoke, they could also take this into consideration.

Thirdly, it is automatic pillar.

For the pillar, there are total two types: manual pillar and electric pillar.

For some customers who want to save much time for his work, electric pillar is a good choice

Just need adjust the focus height with a button, or enter the height difference number on the PC.

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